We are happy to announce that after many years of enthusiasm, planning and longing and after the succesfully festival in 2013, and 2014, we are organizing the III. Yalla Yalla Festival in Hungary. Oriental Dance is an Art. The aim of our festival is to introduce the specialities of this fantastic and justly popular genre, with the cooperation of outstanding Hungarian and International dancers and teachers. We recommend this festival for those who support quality dance and skilled teaching Apart  from an intense training and abundance of information on the festival, we would like to give the attendees unforgettable experiences, which while producing the opportunity to evolve will generate inspiration for you to perfect your dance and your feel of it.  While planning our event-series our main goal was to provide all possible support for the attendees.

  • We have set up a special system for handling Registration.
  • When we created the rules of the Competition we put emphasis on providing even chances and the conditions of a clean competition
  • The first three places in each  category of the Competition will be presented with opportunities to learn and beautiful costumes and jewels
  • The aim of competing is not just the contest itself, but mainly the opportunity to develop our dance. We are striving to initiatie the ideal conditions for this
  • The competitors will be helped by a large organizing team that will provide support, direction and information and help calm this fairly nervous situation
  • The lineup of the judges is comprised only of bellydance professionals, however our sponsors as honorary judges may offer special awards
  • We have introduced the new and unique category of “Yalla Professional” where the creme de la creme, the winners (and those who achieved any of the first 3 places) of Hungarian and International competitions can dance and compete with each other.
  • The workshops will be guided by translators for our international teachers to create consonance during the time of learning and to make sure no important piece of information is lost during

Our Sponsors:

  • Mme. Raqia Hassan and the Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival from Cairo
  • Ahlan Wa Sahlan Travel
  • Crazy Move Bellydance Costumes from Cairo
  • Arrabona Bellydance Festival Győr
  • Artbalance Studio
  • Mágus Ékszer Kuckó
  • Szultán Center…and many others…

During the events professional photographers and a cameraman will be working, and the videos/photos can be purchased from them on the spot or later on as well during the festival a sport doctor will be present at all times.